Buying an op-1 off of craigslist with missing engines?

Hi there,
I’m new on here and I currently own one op1. I’m look on Craigslist and found one for 670 in my area, as I’m trying to get my girlfriend one for Christmas. The only thing that scares me about the post is that there has been a reset and some of the features are missing. Are these something I can easily put back on the op1? Does anyone see a potential problem or scam in this ad?

here’s the text from the ad

Selling my OP-1, barely used , works great, but has accidentally been factory reset… Works great and is still usable, can still record samples from radio, etc. just doesn’t have all effects or sounds it came with, they’re all available online but I don’t have time to install them. It’s a great piece of work if you like making beats as soon as you think of them and on the go, it’s incredibly easy to use and has great battery life, basically an OP-1 without updates installed
definitely still worth the buck(cost $850 with updates installed) . comes with carrying case (cost me $60) . If interested text/ call

the sounds it still has are
cluster,digital, dr wave, FM, Phase, Pulse,Sampler, and string, and for drum it has acoustic, DMX, flabby, mega, megahits and MXD

FX has delay, grid, phone ,punch, and spring

LFO has Element, random,tremolo and value

Not possible. All of the engines and effects are built into the OS. Maybe he’s got an old OS on there? Which you can easily update to.

Local buy only! Do a system test (keys, etc). And better check if Disk Mode works. Maybe this thing has a faulty USB connection and he simply cannot update it.

^thats on the IO and is an easy fix assuming you can still buy those IO boards from i fixit.

@masterofstuff124 Read this comment:

Obviously is a very old version of the OS, before the patch of 2014 (2015?) which added CWO, etc. But as pointed by @motone maybe he´s trying to sell you a faulty unit with some USB (or deeper) problem - for 200 USD or even 300 USD I would give a try and roll the dice, but not for the price of a used one in good conditions.

Indeed, this kind of thing makes me really mad. This guy don´t have the time to update a hardware that takes like 5 minutes, counting the factory reset to clean up before updating it? C´mon. It´s faster than writing the details about what is working/missing and what is not.


Even if isnt´a kind of scam, this guy doesn´t deserve your money.

Stay away from it, you can get one new on Amazon for cheaper than that on good days.

I think only the presets are gone. The way the seller is talking, he might not know much about it.
Definitely have to try it before buying, but there are chances it would be possible to ask for lowering the price as things are missing, even if it’s only in the seller’s head :smiley:

If it has a faulty USB he wouldn't be able to charge it ever. I'm sure it is fine...
I wouldn't be too sure about this:

Could you just ask him if you can bring your own laptop and do the update prior to buying? If he says no, then stay away. But if he says yes, then you will know whether or not it works. Then do the system tests as others have mentioned.

Be very careful, a semi common problem is that you are unable to enter the boot screen. Thus unable to load a new OS. This needs to be sent back to TE to fix and costs a fair bit of money. Don’t buy it unless you can update it on site. Bring a laptop a proper USB cable and the new OS. Takes 2 mins to do. If guy is not down I’d be very skeptical.

ah, my bad, @motone and @GCF got you covered!