Buying back

The auction has dropped from an insane $1000 to a much more reasonable $10 (or $15). Before I put in a bid - is someone here bidding for it already?

oh GoDaddy you so crazy…


I find it strange they are dropping the bidding , but I back ordered it, which i assume if the auction fail I get first dibs to buy it at the regular price. I would then link it to here but If you want it @el_wombato go for it.

meh diggin the new site.

@dimi3 I don’t want it for myself - just making sure we (as a group) get it back.

Cool I think if we as a community ignore it we will get it in time… this seems to be godaddy acting like asses.

Just the very name ‘godaddy’ raises my hackles… -_-

Their commercials back in the day were… meh.

what is your “dream host”?!?

Richard Branson and Mila Kunis

Oh I don’t really care. the GoDaddy commercials were just creepy as fuck lol. And they’re clearly shady pricks when it comes to domains.

My vote is lets just stay here now. Too many chances back and forth just create confusion and loses our identity

Oh I would not move anything , I would add a redirect…