Buying second-hand OP1, what do I need to check?

Hi there,

I am about to buy a second-hand OP1 and before that I was wondering, is there anything special to check? Apart from any loose key or knob (obviously), would you have anything you would recommend me to make sure of?

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

  • Check that the on/off switch works - some have reported issues with the machine turning off unexpectedly.
  • Check that the speaker works
  • Check that the mic works
Those are just a few things to check that come to mind.

check that you can connect it to your computer via usb and that the computer recognize it.

I bought mine second hand. It all seemed fine until i could’nt connect to my computer, had to send it in for repair.

…do a complete hardware check…hold com-button and switch power on…then a menue appears. i think point 4 is hardware test

My check cleared even when my problem above was present

Very useful comments, thanks!

Good luck :wink:

I will end up buying one eventually, let’s hope I can save a couple of euros with the one I am targetting now instead of a new one :slight_smile:

I saw one at at 400 euros. Got a bit of angst since I bought mine at 650 euros

I am a proud member of the OP1 community now! The beast was mint, had a softcase, crank and bend as well as the matching accessory bags. Very happy with my purchase so far, still have a lot to discover :slight_smile:

how much did you paid?

570€. A bit over market price for a second hand apparently but it came with all the extra stuff. And they are rare birds in France. All in all I feel like I paid a fair price for what I got, especially if TE raise the price on their end!

good deal! have fun

Good buy.Hello!
(-sorry ,I’ve jus woken up).