Buzzing Sound?

I was trying to use my focusrite scarlet 2i2 to record my pocket operators on my computer (linux using audacity)

As I link more than one together (factory -> arcade -> rythmn) I get a loud buzzing/hissing sound that is 1/4-1/2 the level of the actual notes. Not ideal.
On top of that I started hearing sampling weirdness - the factory which has a very clear tone when it’s coming out through the speaker on the rythmn PO started sounding very choppy. I’ve uploaded it on soundcloud so you can hear for yourself, the factory weirdness is at the end:
any advice? What am I doing wrong?

So the problem was that the pocket operator exposes a stereo output via a TRS connector, and the focusrite expected a mono, and the stereo was cancelling itself out. I cut a channel from my cable and now it works fine!