Cable help!

Hi folks, hoping for a bit of advice please.
I‘m at the very beginning of getting a ‘studio’ together again at home. A bit of a grand name for a tiny box room but it’s a room I’ll be making music in so hey.

I don’t have a mixer or interface at the moment but I do have my old hr624 speakers back so I looking to put them in to use.

I’ve seen y- split cables (stereo 3.5mm to dual mono 6.3mm) but they split is too close to the end to get anywhere near the width I need for my speakers. Are there any where the split is nearer the 3.5mm end? I’ve been searching but drawing a blank. Can anyone link me to something UK based?

Or shall I buy a small mixer instead? I’m broke so hoping a simple cable would get me back and running again but if I need a ‘cheap’ mixer I’d welcome recommendations on that too.

Thanks for reading the ramble.


most of hte time u can just pull apart the two cables to increase the width
like a twizzler pull and peel

That’s what I had thought but all the ones I’ve seen have a plastic ‘Y’ where the cables meet so you couldn’t do that.
Maybe I’m looking in the wrong places?!?

You need something like this?

This is 1,5m if you pull them apart you can get 2m+ with it.
Why do you search a cheap cable if you got the money for expensive hardware from TE?

Thank you very much. This should do the trick! Not sure why I couldn’t find it. Thanks!

Financial situations change my friend. Expensive hardware one day, then things turn upside down and it’s cheap cables all the way :man_facepalming: