Cables & Adapters

Wondering if there are any neat solutions for cables / cable management. A nice simple stereo jack to jack would be great - would sort of lock the 3 units close together Voltron style.


I am also wondering about good quality, Y splitter cables: stereo mini to two mono mini jacks.

@Kites posted these in another thread, forget which off the top of my head.

I tried to find an Y splitter cable. But I ended up buying mono and stereo jacks and soldered my own cable.

@Defectus can you post a photo? Am curious how you decide to handle that… since i might end up making sime as well.

The cables from @Kites seem perfect. Nice!!

I buy my cables and adapters here: Probably not a good deal outside of the CONUS because of shipping, but good quality and good prices if it works for you. Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with them whatsoever. Cheers! :slight_smile:

^^ ya I have a pair of Monoprice cables for my monitors. They’re pretty thick and well built, but I have read a number of indifferent reviews on Amazon.

Funny thing is, they are based in my city here in SoCal, maybe I should rade their warehouse sometime (esp during Black Friday)

@piotr I’ts nothing fancy, just a stereo jack leading to 2 mono jacks in a Y formation. First I thought about making one of the cables to the mono jack shorter for specific PO-use but decided not to.

I’m currently using all 3 PO’s with 2 TRS splitter cables so I can have clean outputs from each. This splitter linked below ends up being fairly bulky. I’m trying to cram all 3 connected in one case with a few other things so space matters.

Has anyone found a better solution? I’m imagining a small T adapter to split the signal: Male stereo to Male mono + Female mono

Male-to-male linked previously:

@mehcliff u might have to DIY