Hey all - what cables are you using with your OP-1? Maybe I’m a total idiot, but I can’t seem to find a reliable retailer online for balanced 1/8" to dual 1/4" cable for connecting my OP-1 to a mixer.

The brick-and-morter audio stores in my city don’t have them or seem to understand what I need when I talk about it yet I see people in their youtube videos (guys like Cuckoo for example) using what look like high quality cables - where are they buying them and what exactly are they called?

I’m starting to feel like there are no straight answers when it comes to cables!^92666429307-device^m-plaid^143218519722-sku^J37790000002001@ADL4MF-adType^PLA{product_id}&adpos=1o2&creative=146356081814&device=m&matchtype=&network=g&gclid=CMSNkLHLws8CFYc1aQodByILAg

Any 1/8" TRS (stereo) to dual 1/4" TS (mono)

If you’re in Europe, Thomann has a large choice of cable + a search engine to quickly find the one you need.
Just bought 50€ of jack and MIDI cable, no transport fee.

Thanks guys - do balanced versions of these exist? My mixer strongly recommends balanced cables.

I can’t see what it would be.

1 stereo to 2 mono is OK.

For balancing, you use stereo cable on a mono balanced source to compare two identical signals and get rid of the noise brought by interferences on the cable on the destination side.
So you go stereo to stereo on a mono source, basically.

Can’t make this match with above stereo to mono cable… Or I would learn something.

Yes the op1 certainly isn’t balanced output.
Without balanced the mixer’ll work fine.

Thanks all!

It can’t get any better than this:

You can use two DI boxes to turn the signal to balanced before going to the mixer