Calling all Dutchies

Well this events category needs more threads. How many of you dutchies are out there (or rather “here”)? Lets organise something in the randstad. Inspired by @vehka, a gathering in a park seems awesome. Bunch of people bangin out some music on their seemingly toyish gear.

My vote would be to do it in The Hague

Dutchie here… Must be holiday… Little reaction or just few Dutch owners.
Leuk idee kijken of t gaat lopen

It is holiday! Maar wel grappig plan!

goed plan!

mooi 4 man hahaha beter dan geen.

It’s awkward, dunno if I should write in dutch or english

Anyway, I think most are on vacation or pretty oblivious about the existence of this forum. But 4 peeps should be enough to accomplish something awesome.
Anyway, where are you lot from and distance you are willing to travel?

Ik ben Nederlands. Als je het doet lijkt Utrecht/Amsterdam een logischere optie.

Ook al denk ik niet dat ik zou komen.

I’m from Haarlem. Amsterdam is fine by me. Because of my full time job and being a dad, a meeting on a sunday is possible. Or @ night of course.