Can anyone explain the best way to bounce 3 trks onto an used 4th trk?

There are many YouTube videos tackling this, in multiple ways, but they all seem a little flawed to me - I always end up the bounce - on 4th track - fluctuating in volume. I think this is due to where the loop restarts and I’m ‘stacking’ the bounce on top of itself - the volume bump only occurs for a brief moment at the loop in point.
I just need to know if I can lift 3 trks and drop onto 4th track? If not, what is best method? Any assistance much appreciated.

Sounds like you have FX and/or Compressor on the master track that needs to be turned off to bounce down to another track properly. Otherwise… you’re going to print out your master output to the 4th track… and then when playing it a second time it’s going to get the master effects duplicated again. This can lead to the compressor whooshing kinds of sounds or tinny sounding due to duplicated resonance as an example.

I’d start on master… and see what is going on there.


Thank you, I’ll check these possible issues.

fwiw i find it easier to just overdub onto tracks instead of bouncing to free up tracks
lift + drop before you record and you’ll always have your original take saved in case u make a mistake


Thanks for your comment :+1:

If you record 3 tracks with the in-out to a 4th then you want to turn off master fx, and the compression and just balance volume or you are essentially hitting things twice

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Thanks ajoe :+1: I think I’ve got it worked out now. There’s always something new to learn with op-1f thought! It’s such a great source of inspiration.

Hey @wawman, you propably already know, but the december fw 1.5.0 for op1field brings the merge drop. After defining a loop range, you can pick it across all tracks by hitting Shift + Lift, and then, if you hit Drop they get restored, but you can now hit Shift + Drop to merge into ONE all lifted tracks, that are currently NOT muted, and drop it on the active track.