Can anyone help figuring out this synth sound?

So I love this performance/song, and wanted to make a cover. But I can’t figure out the sound of his synth.
Maybe someone with more experience than me(which is all of you hahah) can help! =)

As soon as I heard the synth, my first thought was to use Cluster.

Edit: Super quick way, [UNITOR] preset turned one octave lower. Maybe increase the portamento up around 60-70.

Alternate way…
The preset [CLOSE BASS] is almost there, if you turn off the Spring FX and give it some fine tuning…

On the Cluster screen, turn the green encoder until the green clock hand faces east, then press shift to fine tune it to point slightly lower. Next, go to the envelope screen and turn the blue encoder so that the 2nd dot lines up with the space between buttons 1 & 2 (tweak to your preference) and turn the orange encoder to lower the release time. Now turn the portamento up anywhere around 60 to 70.

That’s basically it.

I think playing the lower notes along with the chord is what helps to match the power of the sound. It’s not exact, but for a cover, it should convey what you need. Post your results when you record it, I’m excited to hear how it turns out.

This is the closest I could get with the FM engine in 20 mins or so…

I know it’s not that close (it sounds more like an e-piano/horn hybrid) but you’re never going to get anything like that guy’s patch on the OP1 (short of sampling). I just mucked about on the FM synth, trying to get a simmilar character. Then I tweaked the envelope a bit and used an LFO to modulate the Blue parameter (I think of it as brightness - but I guess it’s a bit like a LPF) I ended up re-sampling the chord into the sampler and mucked about a little with CWO and Nitro to try and get more thickness and character. Maybe you could experiment with the punch filter - resampling an FM brass patch as you manually tweak the cutoff?

Thank you guys!! So much! =D
I`m already working on it!
Maybe I’ll post a video when it’s ready, but soundcloud I absolutely will.

@Gabrielperry This will probably not help haha. But I would recommend going in another direction. Whenever doing a cover I wouldnt suggest trying to get things as similar as possible. On the contrary, I would suggest grabbing the idea, the soul of the piece, and doing something different, something with your own personality. If you try to do it the same you can get close but it will always be a lesser version. If you do it your own style it will be something different, it can be as good or even better. So i wouldnt spend so much time trying to get the same sound, i would just explore with the op1 or whatever youre using until I get a sound that i personally like and works with the song.

Best of luck!