can anyone recommend a good sweetwater rep for op-z??

my sweetwater dude is so terrible. i know i see people on here saying they have good reps sometimes. can anyone hook me up with one??

I’ve had a really good experience with Chris Arnold. I mean he always calls with not great news “yeah, so the OPZ has been delayed again…” :slight_smile: But that’s not his fault at all. Seems like a good guy.

I’ve been working with Mark Bruhn for years. My son uses him as well as other bandmates:

Mark Bruhn
Senior Sales Engineer

See my bio at

800 222 4700 x1316
260 432 8176 x1316
260 432 1758 Fax

@mrclean thank you so much! i will reach out to him. really really appreciate it!

Nothing but good synth experience with Bob Furlong. He’s always been able to get me on the first order of hot things in the past. I got Tempest SN like #003 or something like that through him.