Can Cre8audio NiftyBundle tranpose MIDI notes?

I have a need to transform MIDI notes [48…108] to [0…60], so that my Korg SQ-1 can communicate more effectively with a Bastl microGranny and trigger samples kits in [0…5].

Does anyone know if the premade eurorack kit Cre8audio NiftyBUNDLE is able to accomplish this?

At the very least I would need a CV-to-MIDI out module like Yarns, as the kit does not appear to have MIDI out, but rather MIDI thru (?). Would I need to get a separate adder module as well? Uh, I don’t see obvious pitch out or gate out CV ports, just one fat “audio out”.

Can’t answer your 1st question unfortunately but the Nifty case has 2 CV and 2 Gate outs that convert MIDI from the MIDI in on Channels 1+2 respectively.

Ah, okay. Good to know! Do those ports carry the original MIDI signal, or can they incorporate functions from the rest of the rack?

Incidentally, my SQ-1 already features CV pitch and gate output ports. What I need are +/-4 octave transpose on pitch, and a 5-DIN MIDI out so that the transposed notes can be sent to my Bastl microGranny.