Can I control the volume of an individual track without an iPad / iPhone?


At the moment, I understand you can control one of the 4 types of instruments’ volume using the knobs at the top right.

However, if I want to control the volume of a particular instrument, I have to use an iPad / iPhone and slide the fader on the screen.

Is there a way to do that on OP-Z directly, without any external device? Maybe some combination of buttons I don’t know about yet?

Thank you!

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Hey, I used the OP-Z without even owning an iOS device for quite a while just after release. For me it was the best way to “learn” everything and of course you do NOT need an extra device to control the volume of each track. You can do that using the red dial on parameter page four on every (audio) track. You can switch parameter pages on each track by pressing the shift button.

From your question I’m not quite sure, if you really understand the OP-Z’s architecture, yet :slight_smile: But I’m sure you’ll learn it in no time.

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some times i have similar setup.
but i do use an iphone on a background.
connect op-z via bluetooth to your phone.
remap midi:
(from op-z, into op-z)
channel16 cc1 to-> channel4 cc16
than you dont need to use an iphone because op-z controls it self.
so now on track16 by turning first knob you will adjust volume on channel 4. from there you can dedicate other knobs to the different track volume perimeters cc16. you can use any track channel you need. i use channel16 in this example because its rarely in use.


Wow that’s really clever

Thats an amazing innovation (´꒳`)

What does “remap” mean?