Can I record into Logic (DAW) instead of on tape??

I’m trying to record pieces using sounds I’ve designed in the OP-1, but the tape mode is too tedious for me, and making minute adjustments all the time is quite a pain since I’m used to a quicker workflow in Logic.

Sure. Just direct your analogue output into Logic via an audio interface.


Was going to do that, but is there no way to go about it using the usb? Because I wouldn’t want to depend on the interface as this synth boasts about it portability.

Only if you record to the tape. You can create several short loops at various points on tape using 4 tracks. Connect to PC with USB in Disk Mode and drag and drop audio into Logic and then chain, manipulate, mix, whatever from there.

Damn, thanks a ton for the responses. I just got the OP-1, so the tape mode is a little frustrating, can’t quantize or set LFO/FX to tempo that easily.

Well, you won’t be able to do that stuff in Logic either.

Was going to do that, but is there no way to go about it using the usb? Because I wouldn't want to depend on the interface as this synth boasts about it portability.

Er… aren’t you already talking about not being portable when you want to record into Logic?

Anyway, if you want to quantise, you could trigger the sounds on the OP-1 from your DAW and record that to the OP-1 tape for lossless sound quality. Also, that leaves your hands free to manually play with settings, LFO, FX etc while recording, which can be great fun.

Then, when you are done with one (or four) parts, you transfer the files to Logic and continue from there.

I only got my OP-1 too – just a week ago, in fact – and since I’m not the best keyboard player, I found myself having to re-record a lot to get some parts just right, so I tested this kind of workflow where I set up the melody in my DAW, found the right sound for it and recorded it on the OP-1. Just like everything else about the OP-1, the workflow is quite easy and intuitive.

The melody I recorded like this was composed on the OP-1, though, so I was still using its amazing portability to come up with the idea just sitting in a café with my espresso, but to get it just right it needed a bit of tweaking at home before committing it to the tape.

Anyway. Good luck with your OP-1. It’s a brilliant little synthesizer, with some surprisingly beefy sound possibilities too.

To quantize use the sequencers and record those to tape. I’ve been trying to tighten up my playing myself, but each to his own.

Regarding Logic Pro, I can’t seem to be able to detect the Op-1 on my midi sync preferences, even when the Op-1 is in sync mode. What am I doing wrong ?

I would also enjoy sequencing the op-1 through the computer just for fun or pressing the play on Logic and the tape starting also, it’s possible ?

Could I also sequence AUs or other hardware synths with the Tombola or Arpeggiator just using the USB cable with my computer ?

I’ve had the OP-1 for a few months, but just started using it/learning it. I have a MacBook Pro, but no interface (on my 2nd smaller system), I have USB from OP-1 going into my MacBook, and was able to play the TAPE from OP-1 and record into Ableton, but when I switch to only the synth or drums etc. on OP-1, I see it reading on Ableton, but it doesnt record. It only Records the Tape from OP-1 again. any advice, or is this even possible to record OP-1 synths and drums onto audio channels in Live?

OK after thinking about it, I guess I will need an Audio interface like Focusrite or interface/mixer —(ok just ordered a Xenyx Q802USB).