Can I record the output of PO's line-in to iPad?

As the title says. I want to record the output of my PO’s into my iPad. What’s best method? Do I need to buy a gubbin?

Couch DAW. I will record and trim in AudioShare and sequence in Gadget or something.

Get a Behringer UCA202 or UCA222 (around £20), cheapest interface around. Recording into Audioshare would work. If you want to use in Gadget you need to have bought the IAP so you can use your own samples.


In app purchase. None of the stock gadgets allow you to use your own samples. Gadget has no audio tracks so you need to use samples if you want to use your own sounds. Abu dhabi and Bilbao are both IAPs that let you use your own sounds.

Oh yeah, that’s what I meant. Using Bilbao. I could feed it 16 1 bar loops into one instance

Late to the party here, but to use the Behringer assume you’d need a 3.5mm female to RCA cable? (n00b… learning)