Can I use an OP-Z to trigger drum sounds on a drum machine

Hi all -
This is my first post so I apologise if I should be posting this as part of the MIDI thread. I did look there but that seemed to be quite detailed and my question is pretty basic (I think).

I am a very very basic MIDI user as I tend to only use MIDI to sync devices together. However I am wondering if the OP-Z would allow my to trigger drum sounds on my Roland TR-08 (A mini version of the TR-808). This would mean I could do all the programming on the OP-Z but then ‘replace’ the drum sounds with the ones on the TR-08.
With a Synth it seems to be much easier as you can just set the two devices to send and receive on the same channel. With drum machines the channels need to be the same but I guess also the instruments, Bass Drum, Snare Drum etc also need to be the same.

Any help and advice would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance…

yes fosho
it is very similar to how u would control a synth
match the channels and match the midi notes

use this midi implementation chart for the tr08
to see what midi notes are recognized by each drum sound


Thank you.
I think that makes sense (and thank you for the TR-08 midi implementation).
Just to be clear - if I want to trigger the Tr-08 Bass drum then I need to select a Bass drum sound on the OP-Z that sends note 36. Is that correct? Or is the same way of making sure that the OP-Z sends note 36 for the Bass Drum?

Thanks again for you help - really really appreciate it!

all 16 tracks on the Z send MIDI
so u can use any // all of the tracks if u desire

but ya u send note 36 from the Z and the bass drum will play on the tr08

i used to have a tr08, i just sampled a bunch of variations of each sound and then flipped it
and made some OP1 // Z kits with the sounds. pretty much the same result but a different method



I’ll give it a go tonight,

Thank you so much for your help - really appreciate it!