Can I use Midifighter 3D with my OP-Z?

Hey y’all,

I’m super new to the DAWless music world and music in general and have a question about my set up.

I have an OP-Z (with the new Line module), a PO33 KO and a Midifighter 3D. I recently got the midifighter so I could finger drum during live sessions, use the sequencer more like the PO33 (a 4x4 grid as opposed to a horizontal line) and preserve my OP-Z’s buttons in the long run. I use an Apple USB-C adapter to connect the midifighter to the OP-Z and the Line module to sync the KO and everything is powered by the Kingston Nucleum.

When I use the Midifighter, it tends to work well at first but then I notice a few issues:

-the drum sounds record to the symbol track and won’t record to any other track (it’s wild that it will record kick and snare sounds to that track!)

-sometimes sounds drop out or don’t play entirely

-changing banks on the Midifighter creates a sound on the sound effect track

-the Midifighter will make noises without me pressing a button—like I got a ghost or something!

I did a factory reset on the Midifighter and thought that would help but it hasn’t.

I guess my questions other than (wHaT’s haPp3ninG?!) would be:

-Is it possible to have the Midifighter 3D and OP-Z work together or are they fundamentally incompatible?

-Do I need to configure something on the Midifighter Utility app or the OP-Z’s MIDI CC settings?

I’m attaching a picture of my set up below for reference. If a video would be helpful, let me know and I can upload one! Hoping these fixes are beginner things I just don’t understand.

Thanks so much! <3

try turning off the “channel one to active” midi setting. (press the metronome and screen button, disable the 1 key)

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Yeah, get your midi channels sorted out. The OP-Z is great with MIDI, but the setup can be confusing sometimes.

I also find OP-Z midi glitches a lot with Ableton when I also have the OP-Z app open on my Mac. Not sure if that might help in your case.

You have to clean midi channel and configure midi message with the midi fighter tool (tedious !), also you may have to disable midi out from opz if you dont want it to mess with color change in the midi fighter.
I used it whith an Ipad as midi repartitor (with AUM) and it worked great
Edit I used it with the midi fighter twister

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