Can no longer write with the PO33

Hi all

I’ve been using my PO33 for just under a year now but it has recently stopped writing patterns or recognising the write button at all.

I’ve previously had an issue with buttons not working which I solved with the old disassemble and clean solution but this has not fixed the problem in this instance.

The frustrating this is I cannot factory reset or even restore backups as they all require the write button to work.

What’s more confusing is that when I try to manually bridge the contact points (a trick I learned when I found out about the cleaning solve) they don’t seem to work either. My fear is that something internal has broken or I need to de-solder and re-solder the button.

Anyone else have this problem? Any other things I should try first?

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Your fear may not be unfounded… each PO key uses a specific GPIO input pin from the processor, so it seems the one corresponding to the Write key was busted, maybe by static electricity or some other reason. That would not be fixable, unless the processor itself is replaced, which is not a practical option. Sorry.

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