Can someone make me an android videopak that actually works?! For ca$h

Z Heads

I have tried and tried, I have watched all the videos, including the latest batch of videos on how to create and import Videopaks through Unity but I cannot for the life of me get anything working on my android device (Samsung S8)…

I have my project in Unity complete how I want it, it is a very simple logo which I would like to rotate. I have tried up to 4 different versions of Unity to try and get this working. I’ve followed the “Ninety Six” tutorial down to a tee, using all the same versions of Unity and Klak etc. I followed each step of the more recent “videolab creators” channel and still no avail. My logo is simple and I would just like to pay someone to make something guaranteed to work. I have no Apple device to test this on, the device in my pocket is my Samsung S8 so that is what I want to use it on.

I have attached a still of the 3D logo, which essentially reads ‘FLR’ and can be fully rotated. I have also attached a link to a video I have uploaded to show the logo being rotated etc and what it needs to look like. As I say I have the unity file i can send so the logo doesnt HAVE to be rebuilt again if not needed.

I’d love to hear peoples thoughts on what can be done with it, at the least I just want to be able to rotate the logo, ideally left and right with the BLUE dial and maybe up and down with the GREEN dial. If we can go further, if someone wants cash for the challenge to make this then maybe we could add a few more features, maybe we could make it do a few more things, i.e dissolve or shake, auto rotate etc.

As I say it needs to be able to work straight away on my Android device, otherwise I’m in the same position as I am now! I will be getting an Ipad 2020 in the coming months, so if all versions of the Videopak can still be made that would be ideal.

Anyway, who is up for this? The logo is simple and we can talk about prices etc


Please make the Unity project available and i will take a look

This has been created now but thanks for everyone’s interest!