Can Start/Stop commands be disabled without disabling master clock?

I have my OP-1 and OP-Z syncing via a USB Mini to USB C cable and sync works well enough. I press play on the OP-1 and both devices start together in sync. I’m wondering if there’s a way to keep the two devices’ metronomes running at the same rate, but without the OP-Z getting it’s Start/Stop messages from the OP-1? As of right now. If I stop the OP-1, the OP-Z’s sequence stops as well. I tried searching “disable OP-1 start/stop messages” but didn’t come up with anything there.

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try changing the midi channel on the op-1?

midi commands like start/stop/etc don’t follow midi channels

I just wanted to ask the same thing.
And I think it should be possible if you can filter the start stop commands.
Or use Ableton link (now I get it why it is done that way that it only sends the clock. And nothing more)

at the moment i’m redirecting the clock from an ipad(using audiobus or midiflow) through a usb hub using op-z as master clock, so that op-1 get the clock from op-z but not the opposite. it’s the only workaround i’ve found so far.

you can easily disable the in/out behavior on both machines! check out the midi modes on channel 14 on OP-Z and on OP-1 you should put in into sync or beatmatch or disable it just for start and stop