Can´t turn the PO-12 on after the Auto Off


After the dreadful delays from TE, cancelled my order and finally got the PO’s from Colette. Just opened the Rhythm and I´ve been learning how to use it in the last couple of hours (amazing sounds, cool learning curve, the components are far, far away from the OP-1 quality and it feels like a DIY kit but well, it´s fucking cheap and it´s delicious to use!).

However, I can´t turn it ON after the Auto-Off, although the clock is working - no matter what I do it doesn´t make any sounds (or show any movement on the screen apart the clock minutes), and It only starts to work again if I remove the batteries. I´m pretty sure that I´m not doing something very simple, basic and straightforward, but can´t figure what is (and the manual is very minimalistic).

Please, help me! :slight_smile:

Just shot you a response on the other thread, hope it helps :confused:

Changed the batteries?

@Kites and @daninski I changed the batteries (although I used new batteries, opened just for the PO´s - indeed, it´s a practical six pack :slight_smile: and nothing happened. Tried to rotate them and they are really sensible; found also that just rotating one of them a little bit (the external/down one) is sufficient to power down the PO-12, so apart from the clock adjust, “hard” reseting it isn´t so painful as I first thought (however, the unit still appears to be broken).

On the other topic @punji suggested “If the cleaning/bending tip above does not work and returning the PO-12 to Colette is not an option for you, try briefly shorting the RESET and GND expose pads at the back with a paper clip (refer to for details). This should put it in the same condition as when replacing the batteries.”

@punji, I looked the hackingthepo site (great work!) and I have some practical questions :slight_smile:
1) I should twist the paper clip, connecting both sides of it in the different exposed pads, right?
2) Both RESET and GND have two pads in two lines (upper and down), if I´m understanding right - should I connect the GND with the 3V (upper) or the GND with the RESET (down)? I think is the second one (down with down) because it connects the EFM32, but not sure.
3) How briefly is briefly? :slight_smile: You think I can burn my PO if I do something wrong?

Thanks a lot!

  1. Yes, or use a wire or any metallic object that can safely short just the two pads.

    2) There are twelve pads in total, in two rows of six: three pads are for GND and just one for RESET. The easiest is to short the first (GND) and second (RESET) leftmost pads of the second (bottom) row.

    3) You may do it as fast as you can! No harm should be done by doing it slower.

@punji I managed to short only the two pads, but the PO-12 didn´t awakened, but reseted - which is not so bad because now I don´t have to touch anymore the batteries. However, I´ll need to email Teenage Engineering (maybe with copy to Colette) and start that dreadful TE support talk (the last time I tried - having difficulties updating the OP-1, I never got an answer…).

Did you solve this issue? My PO-20 doesn’t wake up either :frowning: