Can’t upload pictures to Photomatic

I’m having troubles uploading photos to photomatic. I would want to import from my library, I get as far as in to the library but when I tap a picture it goes back to the photomatic roll and the picture is not there.
Am I missing something obvious?


Same here! Exactly this! …and it use to work until some update, either of the App or the iPad.

Won’t work on either iphone or ipad here also.
To bad. Would be fun to use live.

I would love it to work with live images. Like a stream

Hi, I reported the issue to TE support and they replied within an hour - that they’d look into it, and that they hand’t been aware of the issue. Let’s hope for the best :wink:

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same here
did any of you by any chance just recently plug the lighting-hdmi adapter?
i have the feeling the issue started when I first did that … but it might be a coincidence and totally unrelated.

Hi iVI,

I started receiving this issue prior to plugging in my lightning-hdmi adapter. Hopefully TE can figure out a solution soon!

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I haven’t plugged in the hdmi adapter yet :grinning:

Great to hear about TE support looking into this!

Exactly my issue, but found it weird how it hasn’t happened often at all to everyone else. Even just finding discussions or mentions of the issue itself has been a challenge. I thought I was also missing something super obvious.

I think only few people are using the photomatic feature (yet). At least I haven’t seen many videos using it. Perhaps that’s why there is not much of an “angry” discussion.

I would really like to use photomatic, but only if there were more effective ways for importing photos from ANYwhere. I don’t use my phone for photos very much, but I would like to import dslr-images etc.
The only way I see right now: Place your phone infront of a high-res-screen and do snapshots of your photos from there. With the remote shutter feature you can then build up a roll quite fast and easy. But of course there will be a loss in quality.

Yeah that seems to be the only solution aswell. I had thought of it but didnt act on it cause I was being stubborn. But since you bought it up again i might just have to try that. :call_me_hand:t3:

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