Can you run the OP-Z app with a MIDI app via USBC?

Using Bluetooth with the OPZ app on my android phone is near impossible if your near a lot of other people with their Bluetooth on.

Considering a USB connection to a cheap ipad for live use however it would be great to also use some MIDI app control surface on the ipad too.

Could you run both smoothly at the same time via the USBC?

My Samsung note 10 with OPZ app with bluetooth sync well, but never liked Android music production workflow and performance. I use OPZ with IPadOS OPZ app, AUM, Audiobus works great. On my ipad, direct usbc to usbc or USBC hub and OPZ usbc also connects fine.
If you want to use other external hardware, look into 1010-music BlueBox, it is portable a multi channel mixer with midi sync for synth.