Cannot access the factory reset menu

I am trying to reset my OP-1 by holding down the COM button, and then powering up, but no screen presents itself. When I let go of the COM button, it does not start up either. I then need to PWR OFF then ON to return to the normal mode for the OP-1. I am on the latest OS R. 14203, and I was able to do the factory reset in the past. I’m not sure if that was only before the OS update to 14203.

I haven’t found any Google results for many searches on this subject. Any ideas, please? Thanks!


Some people have reported a similar issue before, as far as I remember they had to return the OP-1 to TE in order to have the bootloader restored. I think you should contact TE support and confirm that.

Thanks, I was afraid so. I did contact TE via email first. I am in a very remote area in Central Java, Indonesia (GMT +7h) for the next 6 months more or less. I hope I can fix it here or by myself, since I am finally spending some quality time with it. I bought it in 2011, but I am just really starting to get down with all of the features I can. I pick it up before I even open Ableton Live on my notebook, if at all. I think the OP-1 battery is going too.


Hey! I have done extensive research into this problem for a friend. Here is the official word from T.E

It has to do with NAND failing, and can happen after incomplete upgrades, etc. Unit will operate fine, except for just TE-Boot. (I.e. no upgrading etc.) Currently there is no available fix for this. The only solution is to send it to a TE-repair shop for physical reflashing of the DSP. It’s a time consuming process and we typically charge about USD 100.- for this, excluding shipping. It IS covered by the 1 year warranty, but if out of warranty it’s recommended to only send if critical.

What is the TE email in order to get in touch with them?

support [at]


I have the opportunity to buy a op-1 at around 500-600, that seems to have this problem. Do you see any problem in buying a unit with that symptoms. The 100 USD repaircost seems fair. But does anyone have experience with possible following problems?

Thanks a lot.