Can't access TE-Boot or load new patches

So, I’m running 225 and wanted to upgrade and put some new patches on my OP1 only to find I can’t do either of these things. I’ve followed the instructions for new firmware and all I get when holding the COM button is a black screen and the unit hanging indefinitely. On the patches front, it’s not a space issues, but i always get the “failed to load patch” message.

I contacted TE and they said “we suspect that your DSP board / Connector board might be acting up”

I’ve been able to update and load patches in the past, so this seems like a software issue. Is there anything I do can without sending my OP1 away for a costly repair? My unit is out of warranty.


If the bootliader gets corrupted, it can only be fixed by TE. There is no way around that.

The connector board is something you could fix by replacing it yourself, but there is no way for you to be sure beforehand that it will fix the issue.

That’s what I was scared of. Don’t people make custom firmware? Is there a tool for forcing a reinstall of the OS?

The custom firmware is just a repack of the original one, no code changes whatsoever.

The bootloader code responsible for updating the firmware is apparently damaged. There is no public available external tool for doing an OP-1 firmware update.