Can't change octaves in midi mode after 241 firmware update

Came with 239 and everything worked great with the midi controls. Was able to go up or down octaves in midi mode. That was just with the midi mode not with having it be a control surface in Ableton. I upgraded to 241 and for some reason that didn’t work anymore and I’m wondering if anyone has any help for that?

In the manual and they were saying how you could make the OP1 a control surface to use with Ableton. I went support website and downloaded the GitHub link (I think I did. It’s so unclear. And there wasn’t anything to unzip. Just some python code and some README thing and a manual for what the controls would be for in Ableton. I did what it said and and put the files in the app resources file of Ableton, selected it as a control surface, and it doesn’t work do anything other than play the keys it has. No ability to go up or down octaves. I’m using Ableton 10

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(Hey there! I think I replied to you on reddit too!)

So, there are two different issues:

  1. The octave thing is an actual firmware bug, it doesn’t happen just with Ableton. By the way you don’t really need the Ableton script to use the OP-1 as a standard MIDI controller, only if you want “smart” features like automatic controller assignment. Personally, I don’t use these features. I think they tend to get in the way instead of helping.

  2. Looks like the control scripts are outdated and only really work on Live 8 (at least according to the documentation on Github). Looks like someone dropped the ball on software management! Doubly so if you consider the octave bug. :disappointed: