Can't get into Sample Mode


I checked every tutorial but I just can’t get into sample mode. I create a new user sample with Track + 1-0 but when I press Stop + Rec nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?

Make sure you press first stop and then rec
When you press track +1-0 do you see the led “animation”?

Yes I see the red leds and the app also says “Creating User Sample”.

Just now I got it to work on two slots after restarting the unit but when I tried to sample ona third slot it didn’t work as before. The created slot jutst doesn’t flash. Very strange.

This happened to me a few times as well for reasons I don’t understand, sometimes it just refuses to create a new user sample. Doing the exact same procedure in a different slot will then work though. Strange indeed.

This is happening to me when I try to sample into any drum tracks, but it works fine on the synth tracks. Does anyone know what this means? Thanks!

Factory reset fixed it.

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