Can't get tape and patterns to sync at all?


I ran into an issue tonight where suddenly my patterns and the tape won’t sync up. I’m checking that I’m starting recording at the very beginning of the tape, pressing record then the root key to trigger the pattern in sync like usual. On the tempo screen beat match is on, and tape is set to 1:1.

Not sure what happened, but nothing I do will get the patterns and the tape to sync anymore. What’s the obvious thing I’m missing?

Maybe you changed the tempo after something was already recorded on tape?

Possibly, though I’ve purposely been leaving everything at 120 for this project. I ended up reloading the factory content and now it’s working fine. Hmm, strange.

when you play a loop does if hit every notch in the tape recorder?

The issue was that even though the tape and the pattern were set to beat match, when it was recording in blank, empty parts of the tape the patterns I was making never lined up with the notches. They would at firstbut then drift. I wasn’t comparing it to pre-recorded material, I was trying to record something brand new and the tape and my patterns were just not lining up. It’s like they were set at different tempos, even though I hadn’t changed them.

I reset everything to the factory state, and reloaded my drum patches to try again and now it’s working exactly like I would expect. Just some weird hiccup I guess.

if you hold down shift and arrows you jump to a precise notch point.

Thanks, though I was using that short cut to make sure I was directly on the very start notch.

Then are your loops made in the OP-1 or imported?

My process is:

Make the pattern in sequencer

  • jump to tape
  • go out to about 3 minutes
  • hold down the record button
  • hit middle c
  • Let go of record, but contrinue to hold down middle c
  • play a few bars depending on how many you want
  • Add this step if you want to verify
    • Loop in on second notch
    • Loop out of 3rd notch
    • verify loop
  • cut out one or two from the middle.
  • Lift return to the beginning of the tape
  • Start dropping as needed.

That’s exactly what I was doing, must have been some weird bug as it’s working fine today. Thanks for all the suggestions.

Cool! good luck.