Can't pair to my android phone

I finally got and recent android phone with blutooth LE (redmi note 11)

I’m trying to setup the app the it doesn’t seem to work. The app doesn’t display the “scan” button that should be here. I was able to pair my phone with the opz, but it still would not appear in the app.
I restarted everything, and now I can’t even pair my phone with the OPZ: the opz “rejects the connection”. Any idea ?
Thanks !

Update: I was actually able to connect and use it for a while (it’s great !)
But it’s really unstable, the opz just keeps disconnecting for no reason.

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I haven’t been able to. Same issue of no scan button.

The Android version of the app doesn’t have a scan button. It sometimes takes a few tries to get my OP-Z to connect to my phone but it always works.

In case you haven’t tried already, maybe check:

  • Is Bluetooth enabled for your phone and the app?
  • Is location enabled (required for BLE) for your phone and the app?

Yes for both. To be honest it’s barely able to connect to my iPad half the time.

In 2023 where Bluetooth is so ubiquitous no one would be surprised to learn a chair had Bluetooth, it’s a little odd.

Pairing with the app work just the first time it is done, then no more connections. This with several android phone. weird…