Can't play synth or drums over track saved in Album (Mode)?

help! bounced the 4 tracks to the “album”… i want to now play the album and jam over it w/ synth or drums – but they’re muted. if i stop album playback, drums/synth come loud again.

is this as designed? manual seems to say not?

Hi! The way the manual is written it seems like you would do tape tricks (reverse, stutter, etc), master effect, EQ, leveler AND play your synth live WHILE RECORDING to the album. Basically you have 4 tape tracks + 1 “live” track when you record to the album, not after. This has worked for me. Note that the volume and pan settings of the currently selected track in the tape machine will be applied to your live track UNLESS you have the synth screen selected while recording to album. You can use drum, synth, and all the sequencers too…it’s definitely an art to “perform” that way if you want to switch between them!

Note that you can use the “ear” to record album back to the tape (if you still had an empty/open track) as well but not play live at the same time.

Hope that helps,

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yeh totally. thanks!