Can't save sampler patches - "full". Also can't load custom samples. Related?

I asked about this issue last summer and don’t think there was a definitive answer. I had a couple of custom sampler patches from sampling off the microphone and radio. When I try to save them by holding down their magic number, it just says “full”. Other synth patch types save just fine. I don’t have a lot of custom sampler instruments loaded or saved, and have a decent amount of free space on my OP-1 which I got just a year ago.

Recently I tried to load an AIFF file onto it, first as a stereo file and then as a mono file. In both cases, it just says it can’t load it and moves on. I have one downloaded sample pack from a Bandcamp site dedicated to OP-1 packs. These seem like regular AIF files to me, but are they actually something special?

Or is my system just allergic to taking on any more non-drum samples for some reason, regardless of source?

As I understand it there is an upper limit to the number of synth patches regardless of the free space. I’ve seen a list of the actual number but can’t remember where. How many synth patches do you have loaded now?

I had this saved in my notes, probably from this forum:

Max Synth Sampler patches = 42

Max Synth Synthesis patches = 100

Max Drum Patches = 42

Ah. Between the collection of Shruthi samples and built in ones, I had 42! I cleared some of the Shruthi samples and I could then do a proper save of that sound I recorded last summer. Thanks!