Can't sync Tonic with Speak

I’ve had the Tonic for a week now and have been loving it. Just got my Speak today and had a great time testing it out/learning the ropes. I’m ready to sync these bad boys up but can’t seem to get it to work. I followed TE’s instructions, and watched some other videos online but I am not having any luck. I can get them to appear to be synced, but only audio from the tonic is audible. I did it exactly like this video but it is still not working. Any tips? If there is already a thread for this I apologize.

hard to say without knowing how you have it all set up, but could be that you didn’t hit play on the the PO that is set to Sync mode 4? The PO that is the master should be set to Sync mode 1, and the second in line set to 4…you have to hit play on the second one to get it “ready” to play with the first one. Then when you hit play on the first one they will both play together. You could start the second whenever, but easier to start at same time.

You could also try a different cable? Make sure both volumes are set high enough (sometimes volume can be wonky when they are synced)?

yep I’m an idiot and was using mono cables. I don’t know if I can delete threads but mods please feel free to do so. thanks for responding p0k!

I’ve done that. I’d say don’t delete the thread; I bet someone else will do the same thing and what you learn can help them too! :slight_smile:

anyone elses speak freezing sometimes while jamming synced? all buttons will become unresponsive and the screen just says “rec”. Only solution is to remove and replace batteries.

@flux_corsair Maybe you could try asking at SC forum: