Case for the OP-Z

That yellow thing teenage engineering wasn’t ashamed of sending ahead of the OP-Z is as horrible in reality as in pictures. The leather pouch will run for more than 200€ and doesn’t seem provide any storage space for cables. Not great!

I think I found a good solution, it’s the pouch some of the recent Nomos watches are delivered in, it feels great, is large enough to house the OP-Z, an apple charger, an USB cable and the headphones. It is quite a bit larger than the OP-Z, but still a nice size.

They pop up at Ebay quite a lot, just search ‘Nomos Etui’, they run below 100€ and are really high quality.

(Picture upload doesn’t seem to work…)

When you search on bax-shop, you’ll find that the cases will be cheaper than you think.

And thanks for the tip!

36euro for 4 tiny bits of plastic. Bravo TE, haha. If you want to one can know buy 27 kinder egg wee bits of plastic for 1,000 euros. Bargin

Hi! There is a thread about this very subject over here!