Case Options for the OP-Z (not OP-1)

I’m happy with this arrangement for now.



It’s not so much as “better” (though I personally think that the Hermit Crab + Pick and pull foam is a bit better than just a sleeve, and there is a 3D printed Sliding Case that I would love to get my hands on) as much as it is exploring creative options.

If all I’m paying 20$ for is a plastic sleeve, than what else can 20$ get me? I’m not entirely a fan of the plastic sleeve as I want something that will offer real protection in my bag. The Leatherette option is cool, but not for what TE is charging for it, and so it’s cool to see what competition brings to the table.

… What the?! That’s interesting – how did this come about?

It is pretty thick, I don’t think it will ever crack, if anything the stitching might come out… but whatever but another then.

Bubble wrap envelope from an amazon mail delevery.
simple. easy. cheap.


damn, this is probably the best case combo so far. I really like the sleeve, the decksaver gives that extra layer of protection without sacrificing space.

Anybody else just using the box it comes in?


IMG_5859 IMG_5860

I made a hard case out of aluminum + the foam that the Z came in. Its nice to take it around with me everywhere and not worry about it getting smashed or someithing. Just making a shell out of any kind of hard material and using the factory foam case seemed to be the most reasonable option. I feel like it fits the sleek feeling the opz also :slight_smile:


Anybody thought about using, or better yet tried it, one of these Peli 1055cc cases?

I tried ordering a decksaver . But it’s too fat to fit with cords in the pencil case, so back to no decksaver…

Tried Jim’s suggestion and took my op-z into Ryan London. Left it with him for a few days and he made me this:

There’s also a link for the one made for Jim:

Really pleased with the sleeve, nice leather and doesn’t add any bulk.


I originally thought of adapting a Nintendo Switch case (a similar Fintie) for my four Pocket Operators (post tab removal), but that plan revealed to be just a tad too tight. I bought the “WIWU” Nintendo Switch case off Amazon, still too tight for all the PO’s.

However, I shortly after picked up the OP-Z and, ho-boy that turned out to be a natural fit.

I also bought the “MeMe Antenna” OP-1 case off Reverb (along w/ the 3D Waves OP-1 crank knobs and stand legs), which has a wonderful compartment that’s OP-Z length and fits a ton of cables etc. So that feels like a complete studio in a bag, even using the OP-Z as a microphone to OP-1 tape!

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@almondo glad you posted these. I was about to do same. I honestly don’t have any relation to Ryan, but they are a local business who do really high quality stuff at pretty good prices - so I’m v happy to support them!

I’m still super happy with my case :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: