Case Options for the OP-Z (not OP-1)


£3.99 from Wilco car spares (but after finding this i looked on amazon and there many alternatives). Could not be a better fit, and no, it does not slip out.


Very smart.


I use a Freitag F533 FAY as a soft pouch.
It’s a little bit pricey (I’m a Freitag fan) but it do the job when I am around the house.

You can fit some extra stuff in it. I usually put a note book in it with a jack cable and apple headphones.


Frietag is :fire:. I was just looking through all of their products because I was interested in what they were about and their designs are awesome!


HAHAHAHA!! That’s brilliant!!! How did you ever come up with that one?!


i was getting my car serviced and had been on the lookout for a case (to put inside a bag) so took a gamble on that. Turns out most seat belt covers have the same dimensions:)



Made myself a case based on the jansport wrap design.


I chopped down an old iPad sleeve to make this.


Australian OP-Z owners:

got this from Bunnings… $2.99 (& added some protective foam)


The large battery case works quite well for me. If you can find some excess puzzle gym mat
foam, you can even get a nice snug fit by cutting the foam to size and gluing the pieces down(I used the loctite shown). If you look at the lower right-hand corner, I even put in some thin strips to protect the case corner from the sharp OP-Z corners.


Hi all,

This is my 1st post to this forum - I only got my new OP-Z a week ago, and I love it already : )

I wanted to find a nice case, but the leather TE ones are too expensive for me, and the PVC ones looked a little flimsy. Where I live in Greenwich, London, there is great leather shop that makes wallets, pencil rolls etc. For £40 they made me this beautiful custom case in about 24 hours.

There are different variations I tried out; if you just want a ‘slide out’ case then you can get a longer iPhone 8 case made which is even cheaper, but I wanted somewhere to also keep cables etc (this roll has two ‘sleeves’ - one for the OP-Z and one for cables).

You can also chose from 10s of different colours and finishes, and they will even monogram it for you FOC - the OP-Z stamp didn’t photograph that well, but looks great ; - )

You even get to talk to the owner - who also makes the stuff - in person if you visit the shop! They do mail order; so if you want one, please drop them a line and support a genuinely local business/craftsperson…

[I was prevented from putting more than one image in … will follow up with other images!]

The one I ordered was actually a variation on this -> but I specified (I think) 25cm wide and (-2cm) on depth. They should remember this order, as they were fascinated by the OP-Z (they said they’d had an order for a case for one once before, but weren’t sure what it was!)

The phone case I tried out looks like this. If it was made a bit longer - which they can do - then would be a great fit!

[I was prevented from putting more than one image in … will follow up with other images!]

(NB please excuse me if this reads like an advertorial; but I was so pleased with this case I had made, that I promised the owner of the shop I would share it here to drum up business!)

Hope this is helpful to someone :slight_smile:


Case wrapped up (


And the iPhone case example if you wanted to customise one of these (now I’ll stop spamming!!):


I have to admit, I’m really enjoying the creativity with some of these solutions!

@jimjonnick Thanks for finding a company that would put some custom jobs together! I have a friend in the UK who is coming to visit the States in a few months – maybe I could enlist him as a courier of sorts!


Looks amazing @jimjonnick!


These all look pretty good… I still don’t get how these are better than the 20 dollar opz bag though, I really like it. Plus there’s enough room for headphones, charging cable and audio cable and it still folds up to picket size. I have the grey one and it seems really nice to me, plenty durable.


i got one of these too! added some foam inside and it holds everything!


I made my own case because none of the TE ones were available to buy.


I heard the PVC cracks, really happy with the pencil case (and besides, it’s cheaper and funkier).