CATCOW, or what are you doing to me, OP-1?

Hey you guys,

I SWEAR I didn’t do this track, the OP-1 did it with me! It was such a weird but joyful flow, everything happened automatically and the outcome is something rather strange… Never intended to make something like this, it just happened. SO many accidents and coincidences that made sense all of a sudden. You just gotta love the OP-1.

100% OP-1. What you hear is the bounced to album-track. Not really happy with the mastering, though, so any tips would be highly appreciated!

PS: It’s my first real track. Have had this little rascal for 2 weeks now.

Nice work

Thats a very cool track! very “art of noise”. Keep up the good work!

Thanks a bunch!

Really nice track. Love that.
Master sound finished also, great as it is :slight_smile: