Caveats with 2nd OP-1?

I’m inching closer and closer to picking up a 2nd OP-1, and a small battery powered Rolls stereo mixer.

I’m mostly interested in the expanded tape deck track count, and being able to loop the two tape decks with separate loop lengths. The mixer will be necessary as I’d prefer to dedicate one OP-1 to drums, and get a nice wide stereo drum mix with it. Going from the drums OP-1 output into the other OP-1 input would mono that wide stereo mix.

Anyway, my question, for those of you using a pair of OP-1s in a mobile/travel setup isn’t about the benefits. I’m pretty sure I understand the various benefits.

What are the caveats? What are the things that you didn’t anticipate that have a negative impact on the workflow?


Dirty old @AdamJay wanting a OP-1 3 way - it must be lust!

The caveat for me is I am now considering a 3rd one, lol.

Hahaha yes I understand the want for three way , two op1s in stereo.
Having difficulty locating caveats…Maybe sometimes I end up doing stuff that is possible with one, but more fun with two, so not much of a caveat as it brings us to the two screens and 8 knobs bonus.

I’m working with Patterning on iPad as a sort of surrogate portable drum machine / 2nd OP-1 and it is quite nice to add all of its features to the party and still remain portable. Will be interesting to see how long I can hold out.