Chaining Mute groups instead of patterns?

The mute group “tracks” are great to fly through while filling up the OPZ tracks. I’ve read in the manual you can chain the actual patterns themselves, but are the mute groups able to be sequenced in a chain? Thx!

The mute groups can’t be sequenced on a track, but you’re on the right track with patterns. The pattern remembers the last used mute group, so if you copy a pattern with different mute groups and chain them you can effectively sequence the mute groups

Gracias Samuelito!!

Give me GLOBAL MUTE GROUPS PLEASE - I want to be able to chain a few patterns and mute/unmute tracks while the play - without changing to the mute group settings of each new pattern in the chain. This totally ***s up my idea of playing live. On the MPC1K I could chain up patterns in song mode and punch in & out individual tracks on the fly - in Bitwig you can even record that!
Thanks for bringing that in a future update…