Changing/adding synth engines without the app

Hi all,

I’m considering getting a second hand OP-Z. However, I realized that my android phone was not compatible with the OP-Z app (no OTG usb and no BLE).

I see that the firmware can be updated without the app, but what about the new synth engines ? Will they be automatically added to the latest slots, do I need the app to add them, or can this be made manually by editing some files ?

Thanks !

once updated to 1.2.28 the new engines are there by default and you can drag and drop them via PC/Mac without the App.

Alright, thanks.

I have another question : I’ll have the opportunity test the unit before buying. Are there any know weak points and frequent default that I should be aware of ? Knobs falling off, that kind of things…

have a read around this forum for the stuff about the OP-Z being bent, having the rotary encoders fall out and the double triggering buttons, idk how much of this still hapens, I’m pretty close to getting one soon and hoping it’s fixed by now but it seemed like it was a problem for a while

Still a problem… make sure it has no issues and you will be good… I have one of the second batch still no issues,. I use it all the time too.

Is there a way to distinguish batches, via serial number of something ? I know it was bought in may 2019.

I’ll try to test the double triggers. I suppose I can test the piano keys by playing. For the step / track keys I can use the sequencer and try to add a note on each step: if it double-triggers, it will add a note and immediately remove it.