Changing parameters across multiple patterns

I havent found it in the guide. When I have multiple chained patterns with different filter settings for example. During playback i want to change the paramtere of the filter while holding the record button and twisting the yellow dial.
At every start of a new pattern the filter settings jump to the previously “old” setting and records new from there on.
Is there a way to have a continues adjustment of the parameters while playback?


I would like to know the same…I guess they’ll have to change this in a future update.
Even the POs can do this :slight_smile:

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I have exactly the same question.

I’m playing with a filter during all the song. Live, i can’t do anything else because it seems that i canno’t record parameters’ changes in a chain but only in a pattern.

Someone have a solution for this problem ?

Best I can think of is that you can copy and paste parameters from one track to another pattern or you can copy the parameters from one pattern to another pattern.

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THIS is a feature they should add on next firmware versions…


I was surprised, that it is not a standard setting on the opz. The Pocket Operators had done this from the start.

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