Changing sound parameters on a note once assigned

Here's a random newbie question.

When I'm fiddling around with a sound I can play with the parameters to adjust how it plays. When I assign a sound to a pattern, though, it loses the parameter values, I think. Am I write in thinking the only way to adjust a sounds parameter values when they are assigned to a pattern is to do it though "live" parameter locking, as the pattern is playing, by holding down the write button and twiddling the knobs? Or is there some way to accurately change the sound parameters for each note assigned in a pattern?


Do you mean on the PO-14/16? Those appear to have a bug when assigning notes with the sequencer stopped. The PO-12 seems to work just fine.

i’ve had a similar situation with the PO-12. if there is a sound in a pattern that i want to change i’ve only been able to do it live. if i stop playback i can tweak the sound by adjusting parameters to get the sound i want, but on playback the recorded sound persists. even when i try to delete all steps for that sound, attempt to change the sound then re-record the steps i still get the old sound. i feel like i must be missing something basic.

It’s weird, but it seems like the sequencer has to be stopped and write mode has to be disabled to adjust the sound that is then to be written manually with write mode enabled. It’s a bit weird, but I quite like the fact that each step can hold its own sound parameters. This is how it works on the PO12 anyway, no experience with the others.