Changing the note lenghts

sorry, can not find this in the manual…

can i edit a note lenght on a step afterwards somehow? changing the note lenght parameter only works befere adding the note step.


I think this is the answer… press and hold down the step you want to alter then press the step you want the note to extend to. The step light is red and the steps the note on it extends to turn blue. If you want the note to last only one step then you can press the step to the right of it (either once or twice).

Hope that (is correct and) helps.

Screenshot 2021-08-27 000808

Screenshot 2021-08-27 000949


so what confused me is that setting notes step by step (instead of playing live) doesn´t keep the step lenght, they all will change if you turn the green dial for note lenght. i wonder if i can lock the lenght individually somehow?

that what you described (holding the step and pressing another step next to it) works fine though if you want to make notes last longer! however i can not clear that setting, tapping twice doesnt delete the new lenght. choosing the step to the left makes a long legato…

Not sure you can specify individual steps using the green dial. Most parameters can be step level just by pressing and holding a step and adjusting values, but step length, poly/mono etc you need to press shift to alter and always assumed they were for the whole track not the step. But maybe I’m wrong and you can hold a step and shift and adjust those parameters per step, try it!

To be clear on ‘cancelling’ a note longer than a step: I’ve only done that on a step once it is 2 steps long, so if your note is 5 steps then you might have to reduce it to 2 steps and then press the second step again to reduce it to 1 step.

Maybe there is video online that makes this very clear as it is easier to show on video than tell and type out a description.

It should delete the set range if you hold the lit step and click on the same step it was extented to.

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ok, thanks! this works if the extended step is next to the original note. if note is extended longer then you first have to alter the lengt to the step next to the note and then pressing again it will be erased. otherwise if the note is extended further, pressing it again woth do nothing.


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