Channel 1 CC not sent to active track

Hi all,

I’ve got my akai mpk Mini attached directly to my OP-Z, and it works great with “channel 1 to active track” enabled, except the cc knobs are somehow stuck on channel 1, so they only change parameters on the bass drum track. Shouldn’t CC also be sent to active track?

Am I doing something wrong or is this just how it works?

Seems like it would make more sense if the keyboard is being sent to active track, the CC should be as well, no?

Thanks for any help with this!

iam using a QuNexus on channel 1 through different active tracks and mapped aftertouch and Tilt to cc1 & cc2 and it works on all tracks as expected

are you on 2.20?

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Strange. So your cc1 and 2 still work as you cycle tracks? I updated firmware in late January, so I think I’m on 2.2

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yeah it works flawless, did you activate midi echo?

I don’t know if Midi echo is active, but I’m not sure I fully understand it. Do I need it for this.

i forgot, but you can try

I figured out what the weird bug is. It works as expected when I’m not using the app, but when I use the app the cc doesn’t get redirected to the active channel. Very strange. Must be a bug.

did you already update everything?

if it persists you could make a short video and send it over to TE for a bugfix :call_me_hand:

IOS or Android?