charging indicator lights

i let my OP-1 drain all the way to reset the indicator lights to the correct level. But now when I plug in the USB cable the lights flash up to the top once as if the unit is fully charged and I do not see the lights moving upward to show the unit is charging… is this normal? it seems the unit isn’t charging at all…

Is it on or off? Because the LEDs do the little charging dance only when the unit is turned off.

if the unit is fully charged, then it shouldn’t be charging. check charge level when unplugged and try again when it’s dropped a dot.

the op1’s usb handling is shite. if I boot it up when connected to USB, it has the audio noise that we’ve come to associate with USB charging, despite charging disabled. if I then unplug the usb cable and plug it back in, the noise stops after a few seconds. go figure.

@Braun3000 I had the same issue!

I think it does this when the battery is realy low… when I turn my op-1 on and off again after it has been charging for a bit then the lights will be moving the way you expect to show it’s charging… the OP-1 is weird.

This also happen to me, Idk if I can do anything to it but I heard that the indicator acts weird sometimes

Charge with it switched on.
Works for me.