Charging OP-1 with apple wall charger

Is it okay using the apple iphone wall charger with the OP-1 usb cable to charge the OP-1?

hope so as I do it regularly

I do it too.

I use an iPad charger and it charges really fast.

I’ve been using the ipad charger and it works for me.

You might have some trouble with it. but that’s not because of the charger, the op-1 charging management is wonky sometimes.

TE says any phone charger will work fine, I actually messaged them on this and that was their response… As @beefinator mentions above, the issue I have is that the OP-1 will be fully charged using an iPhone charger, but only showing a partial charge. A factory reset verifies this, but for obvious reasons you might not want to do that. So just know that the battery level may not display correctly even though you’ve given it ample time to charge.

I had problems because of an ipod charger!! My op-1 DIED totally and I had to make some surgery… From now on, I will charge just with the laptop and full charge from empty battery. (op-1 it’s alive again… :slight_smile: )