Charging / 'sleep'-like delay on keys

Hi - what a relief to get my head into the world of users groups! Thanks for this one.

These two subject headings aren’t related i think.
Even when the OP1 was fully charged, if i left the keyboard untouched for a few seconds (while fiddling with dials and such), the first depression of any key doesn’t sound.
Or, depending on the actual sound, may just miss out the initial part of the note.
‘Attack’ is on full, and the second note plays fine. As you can imagine it’s incredibly annoying!

I’ve been charging it with my iMac.
OP1 doesn’t seem to like that anymore. Lately it doesn’t seem to charge above the first two green lights.
It gives one green to red pulse on the indicator, and that’s it. I’m sure it used to be a continuous pulsing…
I thought it had something to do with the computer going to sleep, so i changed the screensaver/energy levels to accommodated the OP1. Even kept something running in the back ground.
I’ve just plugged it into a USB 5V (as they suggest), but i note the green/red pulse is still missing if it’s charging.
Could be the cable, but i’m pretty careful and i started using Nov 2017!

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. -garry (PS- TE haven’t responded since Dec 1)

…a continuous pulsing when charging that is…

Regarding the key issues: Have you tried a factory reset or even a firmware update? Also, do you have the OP-1 attached to an external speaker? My JBL Xtreme (and the Megaboom as well) shuts down the line-in if there’s no signal for some seconds. When it detects the signal being back again it’ll enable the input but that takes a second or two which means some audio is not being played through the speaker.

Interested to hear about the charging issue… There are a few of us with these kinds of problems :confused:

Thank you both for this info - interesting to hear about the charging thing. But yes, crudeoperator - i put it through i JBL Flip4. I wondered the other day why it wasn’t causing the problem, but was plugged into big room speakers. Mind has been slightly eased. Thank you.