Check one two one two ! PO videos/music right here!

Just share your music, videos!

I’ll be first!

Some police radio sample, keys plus soul-ish vocals on 808’s. Enjoy!

I would appreciate any feedback!


My second video! Enjoy!


Here’s my first foray into the PO-33
I used a sample of a sousaphone I recorded for my band The Black Sheikhs.
I also recorded a little bit of Hammond into logic and imported a few riffs.

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Hello there. I’m doink live streams. Here is my first jam with po33. Good luck to all! Children оf the Crowd Hey, how do you post video with player I can’t get code working ? :scream:

Here is a link to a song I recorded a couple years ago. I have so many random shitty little diddlies saved on my computer and I finally uploaded a few to my now updated soundcloud after avoiding it for a year+