Chipped coating

Hey everyone!

I was wondering what you guys do about the OP-1 coating being chipped. I’ve had mine since 2011 and it traveled multiple countries, so I guess it’s normal that it doesn’t look brand new anymore but it always triggers my OCD when I see the scratches and bumps. I’m considering buying a new chassis as a spare part if it’s even possible.

Do what you need to do, but those chips are beautiful battle scars that tell a story! I would try and embrace those chips as long as they are purely cosmetic.

Think about it… anyone can have a perfect OP-1. But a perfect OP-1 is most likely an unplayed OP-1.


if you wanted to go all out – strip all the parts out the chassis, get it sandblasted and have it powder coated in say, fluoro green.
or leave it sandblasted back to bare aluminium.

maybe have a look at touch up paints available at a auto stores.

A well built tool that shows it has been used is a beautiful thing.
That’s not chipped coating, it’s patina.


Maybe work on your OCD: it should cost less, it will not harm your instrument and potentially even help you in life :wink:

Oh, and get a case! I got my OP-1 with a grey TE official padded soft case and it’s perfect!