Choose wisely

Let’s say you wanted a centerpiece synth to your rig. The Op1, while fantastic and glorious for so many reasons, is somewhat lacking in the i/o sync connectivity department. And you want something you can gather your assorted Volcas and pocket operators around. And let’s say you could save $, like almost $200 off the listed price of a Mother 32, which is great, sweet deal, and it is a Moog, and it does have patch points and so much functionality and you know that would be the sensible, responsible adult choice here but DAMN IT that 0-Coast is so sexy and fresh and versatile it is just calling your name, begging you to fold and fold the folded waveforms of crunchy red-panel weirdness into an origami tetrahedron of wet paste and Velcro, patched bright pink and yellow and dedicated to Don Buchla…well what would you do?

Admit myself to the GAS clinic

You can’t give in!


I’d start with one and then buy the others as I could :slight_smile:

You said centerpiece, not only-piece

I got Mother 32 and almost immediately got a second. Don’t have the 0 Coast, but to me it seems like fun to experiment with, but if you are going for sound, you can’t beat a Moog. Nothing is as rich and delicious sounding.

buchla love? get an O-coast

yes, op-1 is a pain in the ass for running with other stuff but it is a LOT in a little format. Synths, Samplers, Drum Machine, Fun Sequencers and Effects. My only gripe with it was that everything had to be committed to tape so you had to plan songmaking. With a heavy heart I sold mine. Really contemplating getting the OP-Z when it drops as it covers a lot of what I felt the OP-1 lacked - tweakable jamming and sequencing.

Both the Mother and 0-Coast are probably gateways into modular so beware :wink:
Both can be mounted in eurorack too.
They are just single voices but can be hella fun.
Mother has the sequencer. To sequence the 0-coast you’ll either need to use a DAW, Beatstep or similar.

My friends and I attended a Moog Music clinic in which a single Mother-32 played melody, bass, and drums using the LFO and filter as extra oscillators. They are big Tangerine Dream fans - the M32 lets you get that sound more easily, because of the onboard sequencer and TD’s reliance on Moog gear during their classic period.

0-coast allows the same extra oscillator trick - no sequencer but it can make sounds the other synth can’t as you noted.

I don’t think either would be a foolish choice.

I think I need both.
But I’m nowhere near considering selling my OP1. I would sooner sell my Honda, a kidney and my everlasting soul before I get my priorities that far out of whack.

I had a Mother 32 and I sold it - recently got an 0-Coast and it suits me so much more.

Make Noise stuff is exceptional and it is a versatile and capable musical and sound creation tool. Watch the Mylar Melodies youtube video, thats all you need to see.

I have a Moog Slim Phatty and it’s true that the Moog sound is something highly pleasant.

This track at 1:46 has a flute made with Moog SP.
Sinless minds [110bpm] by elabo | Free Listening on SoundCloud
The intro/outro from battle #43 was also made with SP
Operator - 1 Presents Battle#43 “Unity” by Lying Dalai | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Moog sound is so great, on the whole spectrum.

Now I also got me the 0-Coast a few months ago and I have much pleasure to dial some alien sounds from it. It sounds pretty great, very original, cuts in the mix, and pretty powerful.
(this track at 1:13, 0-Coast in a mix)
40rds by Lying Dalai | Free Listening on SoundCloud
(this track is full 0-Coast, only percussive sounds)
No Coast Nonsense by Lying Dalai | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Both have very nice character, depends if you want to dial some immediate beautiful sounds or have fun on the synthesis side and go crazy and original !

Or… you can go for a second hand A4, which is more versatile as it can really play on both sides :smiley:

I think I need both.
I feel you, my friend. You're not alone.