Chord/Multiply Trigger Spark Random Bug/Fix?

Hi all,

If you play a chord on lead or chord track and then apply a trigger spark set to random instead of randomly playing the whole chord it randomly plays notes from the chord, sometimes the whole chord, sometimes no notes. Is there a way to set it so it only randomly plays the whole chord or not at all?

This actually also true if you apply a multiply step component and then apply random trigger spark it plays different numbers of notes rather than just on/off of the whole multiply.

Any techniques to workaround this?


Maybe use the velocity step components set to mute and then have that trigger spark randomly?

Nope that doesn’t work either. Seems like a bug that random can’t treat chords as a whole entity and has to treat them as individual notes.


Another option to try: set volume to 0 via parameter lock, just for this step, and apply a parameter spark on that step.

Thanks, just tried it. It kind of works but if you have any previous step note overlapping it is killing the sound from that so is undesirable.

I’m sure treating chords as a single entity or separate notes is something they could make an option in the settings file.